About Us

Paints Xpert is a premium distributor of the high-quality paints, coats, and primers. These industrial products are best suitable for the automotive application, decorative items, and more. We procure these products from some of the best and well-known manufacturers who have years of experience in the business. The paints are made using breakthrough technology but at the same time, the paints and coats are eco-friendly as well.

Paint Xpert offers a vast range of exterior and interior paints, finishes, primers, and coatings. Apart from these, we also offer some of the special products like:

  1. Marine Coating: Ship owners, ship manufacturing units, docks, and sea stock buy this high-quality product to provide a great finish to the ships. It is used to provide a protective coating to the ships, underwater hulls, and tanks. The protective layer offers them with durability.
  2. Protective Coating: A must for industrial application, the protective coating ensures that the assets are protected from corrosion. It is most suitable for industries like offshore, energy infrastructure, and hydrocarbon processing.
  3. Powder Coating: It is mainly used by the industries that manufacture appliances, furniture, building components, and pipelines.

Vision and Values

Paints Xpert is dedicated to providing the best of products in the industry. We are working towards expanding our offerings so that we can cater to a huge number of customers. Our team ensures a fundamental commitment towards customer satisfaction, product quality from reputed manufacturers, and eco-friendliness of products.


The team at Paints Xpert contributes to the welfare of the society. We aim to bring harmony among all through our business values.


As we discussed, Paints Xpert procures eco-friendly paints, coatings, and primers. We work towards the upliftment of the society. Eco-friendly products are made using advanced technology.


Paints Xpert will always be committed to providing exceptional products that reflect the values which make us an exemplary global corporate citizen.

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction and product quality are the two most important things for Paints Xpert. We get the best-in-class products from manufacturers. Our team also makes sure that the demands of our customers are met. We also make sure that the feedback received by the client is also delivered to the manufacturer so that the company can apply the feedback in their products. Our expertise in the industry and promise of delivering good quality are the reasons we are preferred resellers in the industry.